So, you want to be a web developer?

Well, you've come to the right place!

The Bits of Good bootcamp will bring you from zero to web dev hero, no matter your experience level coming in. We use this course to train new members of the Bits of Good organization so they can build the best web applications possible for our nonprofit partners. We've honed this curriculum for 2 years and counting, so we've made sure to work out any kinks along the way!

Whether you're a Georgia Tech student or a newbie from across the globe, this course is built for you. Head over here for a bit more info on learning objectives, a course breakdown, and a preview of our in-person workshops 👇

About the course

Semester schedule

Semester Schedule | Fall 2020

Semester Schedule | Fall 2022

Semester Schedule | Spring 2023

Semester Schedule | Fall 2023

Semester Schedule | Spring 2024

Semester Schedule | Fall 2024

A day-to-day rundown of topics covered during our in-person workshops. If you're following along online, use this as a guide to work through the curriculum on your own!

Course material

Sample Bootcamp Curriculum

The meat of the Bits of Good bootcamp. Here, you'll find all of our written resources, video walkthroughs, and DIY projects broken down by topic. It's certainly a lot, so use the semester schedule to pace yourself!

Questions while you work?

Contact us! Use the Hack4Impact Slack if you're an in-person bootcamper, or shoot us an email at [email protected] if you're a remote learner.