Hey everyone!

Welcome to the Bits of Good bootcamp! This course will take you through the fundamentals of building websites from zero to hero. It is meant to prepare new members to our organization to work on our project teams, which you can learn more about here!

By the end of this course, you should expect to...

Breakdown of the course format

This course has three main learning mediums: in-person workshops every Tuesday and Thursday, video recordings to walk through activity solutions, and written materials for easy reference.

For those following along online, our recordings and written resources should be more than enough to follow along!

Before getting started

There are a couple things to get squared away before we jump in:

  1. Bookmark this page so you can follow along. You can also download the Notion app for desktop or mobile to access these materials more easily. It's totally not required though! We just really like Notion for all the things 🙃
  2. If you're an in-person bootcamper, join the #gt-bootcamp channel on our Slack. We'll be posting updates the day before each in-person workshop to explain what we'll be covering.